Straight From The Source

 Special Presentations 


Interview with Nattali Rize and surprize guest while on the selected tour dates in the MidWest with Michael Franti and Spearhead on The Soul Rebels, and Notis.


International Reggae Day 2015 – Carrie Mullings host of Rebel Vibez at CHRY-Vibe105.5 FM (Toronto)

Interview Koro Fyah Dec-2015


Interview with Everton Blender Dec-2014


Interview with Hawkeye – 2014


Interview with Jimmy Reid – 2014



Orginal Star Shine

Star Shine evolved from Andy Don being requested to conduct interviews in his supporting role as Courtney Blackstar’s hype-man during his studio sessions. As you may have noticed Andy has a distinctive voice and it was decided that instead of just taking a supportive role, it was time to step up and become a host!   Following …

Hip Hop Meetz Reggae

As with everything in life change is inevitable and music is on eof those things that goes through changes with each generation.  In the 70’s Herc a Jamaican immigrant to the United States of America living in Brooklyn has been accredited for the birth of hip hop. It was mentioned to us by a well …