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Hip Hop Meetz Reggae

As with everything in life change is inevitable and music is on eof those things that goes through changes with each generation.  In the 70’s Herc a Jamaican immigrant to the United States of America living in Brooklyn has been accredited for the birth of hip hop.

It was mentioned to us by a well known artist as hip hop and reggae being sides of the same coin therefore we invite you to come on this ride with us as we discover something old, sometimes something new but always extrodinary.

Your host for this Thursday Evening special from 7-9 PM EDT are
Lah Chemist and Z-Mystic who are emerging artists themselves and see things from a both sides of the coin.

Interview with Alex Marley following up on his new album and possible upcoming tours.


Interview  with Melodic Yoza about his new upcoming album, music and life.


Interview with Alex (Rebel) Marley about his new EP available on digital platforms for purchase.

Interview with last year’s Magnum Kings and Queens of the Dancehall directly from Jamaica, Mystery P



Interview with Elle Trema the female Earthquake.