RastaFar “I” Faces Premiere



RastaFar “I” Faces is filmed in Canada,USA, Jamaica and Africa centred around the 4 main houses in Rastafarian culture  Nyabinghi , Bobshanti, 12th Tribes and the Ethiopians Orothodox. Interviews have been given by the Nyabinghi High Priest: George Ions and the Boboshanti high Priest on the Rastafarian Movement. There is also an interview with Brother Robinson who may not be familiar to you but he’s one of the first to have repatriated to Africa.
It is a 30 min short doc in preparation for the longer indepth production anticipated later this year.

Interviews with some of the artists performing at the premiere:
While this presentation was being organized a personal exteremely difficult family incident occurred for Anthony Cruz and therefore he will not be performing. However in the true spirit of community and most importantly Rastafari- D-Medz will be steppin Up to complete the performance roaster.

On February 12th, 2017 while the 59th Grammy Awards were being handed out and Ziggy Marley was once again the receipent for Best Reggae Recording and Skip Marley was featured with Katy Perry on the new single”Chained to the Rhythm”  Rootz Reggae Radio was live and direct on the phone with Alex Marley speaking about his music, his life, sports and paying it forward to the community around him in a unique way.

Here’s that interview with Alex Marley..

We also had the opportunity to speak with Warrior King here is that interview

Earlier this year we spoke with D’Medz

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