Let’s Talk Iauwata

Rootz Reggae Radio was fortunate to have Iauwata Amha Selassie MD and Xola Lololi in our studio a few months ago and it with great appreciation, love and ?  that we are able to bring this to you. A conversation with Julion King during Conscious Thought each and every Wednesday from 7-9 PM.

Here is another production done to the tune Rally -Iauwata Band.


Brief Bio:

The double CD Rally & Rally Ital, recorded primarily in Toronto at local City Community Centers: Lawrence Height and Falstaff where Iauwata mentored youths in music composition and music studio production for over 8 years; this musical teacher has touched the hearts of many musicians and singers around the world with his generous support of their music education and careers.
This is just briefly scratching the surface but you can see by the number of artists performing during the celebration noted above the influence he was able to leave on this community.