5 Time Juno Award Winner


If you ask most artists they would probably say that when it comes to awards just to be recognized is a win on it’s own but Exco Levi has won one of Canada’s most covented music awards five time.
In our community sometimes we tend to be oblivious or dismissive of what a great accomplishment it is so far and then we wonder why the recognition has not be wider in scope. Our collective answer to that fact should simply be this, if we are not bestowing the accolades from within why should anyone else.

As he prepares to release yet another album called Narrative we will like to take you on a small but engaging trip from our prospective of his journey thus far –

Words Of The Wise  EP Launch



Here is how you can get in touch with Exco Levi and purchase the new album.



Jamaica Festival Song 2019


Rootz Reggae Radio was fortunate to speak with Tinga Stewart awhile ago and the topic of the festival song competition (winner 1974,1981) came up during the conversation.
We have been planning on following the progress of the yearly event and this year in its 53rd year we are going to catch up with some of this year’s competitors.
For further information, listen to the songs and support your favourite visit
JCDC Festival Song.

Bob Marley Day 2019



This year the City of Toronto lit up it’s marquee sign in the notable Rastafarian colours of Red, Gold and Green on the official Bob Marley Day, February 6th which was his born day.
They have been various events and observances around the world and continue into the upcoming weekend.
Have a look from our vantage point here The6ix, Tdot, Toronto.

Toronto Marquee Sign to observe Bob Marley Day.
Another view of the Marquee Sign in Toronto.


2017 in Rear View


With all of the upheaval around the world the steady vibes of positive reggae music has been permeating throughout. The year has marked the anniversary for a number of significant early recordings of the genre.

Greensleves celebrated its 40th year in the business as one of the most influential labels based in the UK that supported both domestic and imported productions from the island of Jamaica. (Two Sevens Clash) also had it’s 40th recognized with a re-release.

This album, by Culture, a vocal trio comprised of Joseph Hill (lead singer), Albert Walker and Kenneth Dayes providing vocal harmonies is considered to be one of the most influential works that spread the Rastafari message of peace, love and unity.

It would be remiss not to mention that (Two Sevens Clash) was produced by the legendary Joe Gibbs.

The Heart of the Congos also celebrated their 40th with a re-released by
17 North Parade and VP Records, yet another priceless creation that has stood the test of time.

We are not done with the legends as yet. At 80 plus years young, Lee “Scratch” Perry and Subatomic Sound System teamed up to millenniumize Perry’s classic genre defining Jamaican dub album and believe us when we say the “Super Ape Returns to Conqueror”.

Within our borders, whether you agreed or disagree with the 150 initiatives and celebrations, it allowed the Caribbean Music Industry, with reggae being a major part, the opportunity to shine brighter.

2017 was ushered in by Exco Levi performing at Nathan Phillips Square as part of Toronto’s annual “New Years Eve” celebrations. The event is one of Canada’s biggest outdoor celebrations, which features many of Canada’s biggest musical acts.

Moss “Mossman” Raxlen – Kingston All Stars brought together the who’s who of musicianship Sly Dunbar, Robbie Lyn, Mikey “Mao” Chung, Ansel Collins, Linford “Hux” Brown, Jackie Jackson, Everton & Everald Gayle. Some of the major centers got the pleasure of hearing then live and free of cost with notable singers such as Carol Brown, Stranger Cole, Noel Ellis during the summer outdoor festival season.

Toronto was also able to see and hear artists such as Nana McLean, Jay Douglas, Otis Gayle among others performed in “Little Jamaica” with acclaimed , internationally renowned selecta African Star. The legendary Ska “duos” Roy and Yvonne from Jamaica also made an appearance gave a stellar performance of some of their classics and new releases at Remix Lounge in Toronto.

The music industry experienced some sadness this year with the loss of several legendary artists but their legacy and influence will live on for eternity through the music. We certainly saw that influence alive and well at the 59th Grammy Awards as Pop icon Katy Perry performed her Reggae inspired song “Chained To The Rhythm”, which features Skip Marley.

We also heard new music from the next generation that represented some of the most legendary names in reggae music; such names as the Ellis, the Morgan family, Browns, Toshes, Reids’ , Hammonds, and Dubees’. They are many more names to mention which could take the entire post but rest assured the legacy holders are on the job.

So as we close this article we must mention that there’s another Marley (Damian Marley) up for a Grammy alongside the Royal Family of Reggae (Morgan Heritage) with Chronixx who we would love to see his air miles, J Boog (a reggae singer of Soman descent) and Common Kings (of South Pacific origin hailing from Cali).

Tasha T was also nominated for an Indigenous Music Awards while 5 times Juno award winner Exco Levi released a new album (Narrrative). African artists such as Stonebowy and Shatta Wale working closer with the originators from the Reggae/ Dancehall genre while maintaining their respective unique African Sound.

A small Canadian based independent label, Indie Rootz Records, produced 3 distinctly different artists, from 3 different countries at the same time with one goal in mind; perfection. It paid off with the help of distribution from VPal Music.

We would also like to mention some of the latest releases such as “Kingston meets Havanna” presented by Mista Savona and Leah Rosier among others on the Black Star Foundation.

When have seen Reggae Festivals from Dubai to Argentina, as the music becomes its own living entity.

Reggae Music in all its various forms is alive and well and it’s for us the general public and purveyors of the music to ensure that the artists continue to produce by listening, purchasing and attending the live performances.

Bring it on 2018!

Here are some additional links that you should consider checking out for yourself.
Hawaiian Reggae

Let’s Talk Iauwata

Rootz Reggae Radio was fortunate to have Iauwata Amha Selassie MD and Xola Lololi in our studio a few months ago and it with great appreciation, love and ?  that we are able to bring this to you. A conversation with Julion King during Conscious Thought each and every Wednesday from 7-9 PM.

Here is another production done to the tune Rally -Iauwata Band.


Brief Bio:

The double CD Rally & Rally Ital, recorded primarily in Toronto at local City Community Centers: Lawrence Height and Falstaff where Iauwata mentored youths in music composition and music studio production for over 8 years; this musical teacher has touched the hearts of many musicians and singers around the world with his generous support of their music education and careers.
This is just briefly scratching the surface but you can see by the number of artists performing during the celebration noted above the influence he was able to leave on this community.


RastaFar “I” Faces Premiere



RastaFar “I” Faces is filmed in Canada,USA, Jamaica and Africa centred around the 4 main houses in Rastafarian culture  Nyabinghi , Bobshanti, 12th Tribes and the Ethiopians Orothodox. Interviews have been given by the Nyabinghi High Priest: George Ions and the Boboshanti high Priest on the Rastafarian Movement. There is also an interview with Brother Robinson who may not be familiar to you but he’s one of the first to have repatriated to Africa.
It is a 30 min short doc in preparation for the longer indepth production anticipated later this year.

Interviews with some of the artists performing at the premiere:
While this presentation was being organized a personal exteremely difficult family incident occurred for Anthony Cruz and therefore he will not be performing. However in the true spirit of community and most importantly Rastafari- D-Medz will be steppin Up to complete the performance roaster.

On February 12th, 2017 while the 59th Grammy Awards were being handed out and Ziggy Marley was once again the receipent for Best Reggae Recording and Skip Marley was featured with Katy Perry on the new single”Chained to the Rhythm”  Rootz Reggae Radio was live and direct on the phone with Alex Marley speaking about his music, his life, sports and paying it forward to the community around him in a unique way.

Here’s that interview with Alex Marley..

We also had the opportunity to speak with Warrior King here is that interview

Earlier this year we spoke with D’Medz

An Interview with Glen Washington


Glen Washington a corner stone of the reggae industry with connections to Canada through family, friends and mentorship of other artists who have come into their own. During the interview with Glen Washington, Tony Anthony surprises him on the line. Looking for more information visit www.glenwashington.net



An Interview with Andrew Tosh


As we see various pictures on social media from the opening of the Peter Tosh Museum in Pulse Centre, Trafalgar Road, St Andrew, Jamaica which took place on what would have been the legendary artist 72nd Earth Strong ; October 19th, 2016.

Here is a brief interview with Andrew Tosh,one of his sons and a part of the living legacy.

Contact Andrew Tosh here.



Links to articles on the museum’s opening:

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Jamaican Gleaner – Peter Tosh Museum Opens to VIP Crowd


Kafinal Interview


1st Interview prior to Juno Awards


Kafinal Interview

Kafinal Interview from the Natural Room Naturally.


2nd interview with Kafinal on International Reggae Day 2015

Connect with Kafinal directly here.