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The Juno Awards are Canada’s recognition of musical artists and bands in all aspects of music. The category of reggae/calypso was added in 1985 and became exclusive to the genre in 1994.
Below are some of the nominees over the past few years in the category.

We know that they can only be one winner but they are all winners in our book.

2020 Juno Nominated
Winner:  LJX

2019 Juno Nominated
Winner: Dubmatix

2018  Juno Nominated
Winner: Kirk Diamond

2017  Juno Nominated
Winner: Exco Levi 

2016 Juno Nominated
Winner: Kafinal 

Also nominated is Escape from the Mongoose Gang- Lyndon John X

2015 Juno Nomintaed
Winner: Tasha T

Also nominated is  Hold On Till I Die – Steele