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Riddim Up

Riddim Up was one of the newer offerings on Rootz Reggae Radio as the regular work week draws to a close for most. This program was originally  hosted by artist Ras Morgan and Selecta Klient International who took on the esteemed task of bring us the singles from the Global Reggae Charts and selections of their choice from the album charts and riddim charts  along with other new releases.  As the program has been developed over the years Karen Delight was added as a co-host to further develop and share with the growing number of artists interviews.  Starting at 6 PM EST not to be missed!!!

Kemdem sings about life as he knows it and the way it relates to many who may not have the words.

If you missed the opportunity to hear DeVaré during his interview do take the time to why conscious music lives in his being.

Here is your opportunity to listen to Vanda Li speaking about her music and entertainment ventures.

Essae JV who as been in and around the music scene in Jamaica for sometime gave us the opportunity to speak with him about the music and his upcoming EP scheduled for Mid- December 2020.

The Host had the plesure of speaking with Ras Nix (Nixon Omollo) who is a guitarist, singer, songwriter and poet which was only the beginning of understanding his artistic abilities.

Listen for yourself

After a brief hiatus we are welcoming guests into the natural room virtually this is Kisco.

We have had the pleasure of speaking with Hezron before but it has been some time since that initial conversation. Since the enormous success of one of his most recent videos “Young Girl” we knew it was time to have another chat.

Jah Kettle is no stranger to Rootz Reggae Radio but whenever he visits it is an absolute pleasure and unexplainable energy.

It is always a pleasure when we get the opportunity to experience artists who are not new to the business but are new to us. Khausion happens to be one of those artists and we were fortuante to have the opportunity to speak with him during his visit to Canada for his new EP press launch.

We are sure you have heard the voice of Haweye on our station but do you know what has contributed to his longevity in this busy. We caught up with him during his visit to Canada.

As 2019 is upon us we wanted to start our interviews with a member of the diaspora community who has embraced Toronto in a unique way.
Here is a brief conversation with King Ujah, New music, album on the horizon and lots more.

It is always refreshing to hear the passion that comes with the creators of the music and speaking with Gia Yee was one of those moments.

Nature Ellis is one of those artists that you may not know by name but the tunes are familiar and resonate with you. Listen to his reasoing with Ras Morgan during this episode of Riddim Up.

Nkrumah is one of the family and it’s always a pleasure when he comes by the Natural Room and share some of him unique and distinctive vocals with the audience. Here is what happened during his last visit.

We are consistently amazed by the people that we meet in this business and the depth of knowledge and experience that comes along when we are able to listen to them. It was a priviledge to speak with Sophia Brown during this edition of the show and listen carefully as the vast amount of information that she shared with us is priceless.

You may be more familiar with the name Tuff Like Iron as a clothing line worn by some of today’s noticeable artists.  However, that is about to change as she has just  released her new album “Iconic“.

King Shadrock is no stranger to Rootz Reggae Radio and if we’re not mistaken one of the first of a small group that dropped by the studio for a visit as we were building and has been a regular visitor from then til now. On this occasion he was in town for the 4th edition of “Conscious Kings” along with a few of his extended family and the dropped in to speak with “Karen Delight” and Ras Morgan.

Conscious Kings is had it 4 edition at the Jamaican Canadian Association location in Toronto this is a presentation of Renascence Entertainment and we had the pleasure of catching up with Neto Yuth one of the Conscious Kings from right here in Canada.

It is pleasure to be able to do what we do the best way we can. In preparation for the 25th Anniversary of RastaFest and on the Day of the 88th commemoration of Emperor Haile Selassie and Empress Menen coronation we were able to speak with Dan Fiyah Beats and Joyce N’Sana on their way to the night’s performance.

As we are preparing for the 25th Anniversary of RastaFest in Toronto Riddim Up had the pleasure of interviewing some of the artists. This is Ras Akkurate.

Richie Flo who is no stranger to Rootz Reggae Radio is one of the artist performing during the 25th Anniversary of Rastafest in Toronto and he has a new release out check the website after you listen to the interview.

In preparation for the 25th Annivesary of RastaFest we caught up with Colin Levy and he gives us a bit of the history of his musical journey.

As always we stress bringing to you the international artists that reside within our boarders and The House of David Gang is no strangers to the Canadian Entertainment Community. Therefore after their lastest release “Good Vibrations” it was high time to speak with them. Lead singer King Selah joined us in the Natural Room to speak about the lastest release, the band and music in general.

Contemporary reggae singer and songwriter Protoje has been making a name for himself worldwide and is no stranger to our Canadian audience therefore after the release of his 3rd studio album “A Matter of Time ” it was a pleasure and a blessing to be able to speak with him briefly while he was at an airport during his summer touring schedule.

Ras Midas has been in the music business for many years and during this interview with Ras Morgan and DJ Klient Intl  the wealth of knowledge, history and guidance about the reggae music industry  that was given to them and the audience is truly a blessing!

Ras Morgan got the opportunity to speak with Dave Azi an entertainer, producer from Jos, Nigeria which is consider to be the home of Reggae Music in the country. They discuss a number of topics including the history between the riddim “Run But you Cyan Hide”.

Mad Linqz was in the Natural Room with on Riddim Up with Ras Morgan and
DJ Klient International.

Here is a new band from Jamaica called Persons of Interest which they are with their release “Summer Mood” was featured on Reggaeville and subsequently “Love is the Way”  they caught our attention as a part of the Entertainers Against Crime and Violence which was held in Montego Bay Jamaica December 10th, 2017. Here’s Ras Morgan in conversation with Monifa Henry!

As you should have heard by now there is an “Awakening” happening and the artiste leading the charge is Spiritual. He is no stranger to the industry and certainly proves that with this offering. Here is his reasoning with Ras Morgan

We have been listening to this band’s music from West Cali and could not help but think how great the sound and we were able to catch up with them during the show and for further information please visit

Here’s the Lyrical Chef speaking about his most recent album
(Health is Wealth ), his career and life in general.

On the heels of Qshan Deya’s new release featuring Akae Beka Ras Morgan was able to hold a reasoning with him about the music, life and livity.