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Bob Marley Day 2019

  This year the City of Toronto lit up it’s marquee sign in the notable Rastafarian colours of Red, Gold and Green on the official Bob Marley Day, February 6th which was his born day.They have been various events and observances around the world and continue into the upcoming weekend.Have a look from our vantage …

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RastaFar “I” Faces Premiere

Background RastaFar “I” Faces is filmed in Canada,USA, Jamaica and Africa centred around the 4 main houses in Rastafarian culture ¬†Nyabinghi¬†, Bobshanti, 12th Tribes and the Ethiopians Orothodox. Interviews have been given by the Nyabinghi High Priest: George Ions and the Boboshanti high Priest on the Rastafarian Movement. There is also an interview with Brother …

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An Interview with Andrew Tosh

As we see various pictures on social media from the opening of the Peter Tosh Museum in Pulse Centre, Trafalgar Road, St Andrew, Jamaica which took place on what would have been the legendary artist 72nd Earth Strong ; October 19th, 2016. Here is a brief interview with Andrew Tosh,one of his sons and a part …

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